Our Mission

Our Mission

Association was founded by Pavel Lenshin as a free resource for all Internet entrepreneurs to provide help and support in development of small online businesses.


  • attract Internet entrepreneurs from all over the Internet in spite of their business field of activity;
  • provide information, resources and services that are necessary to know and use
    by net professionals and online business owners;
  • provide help and independent
    advice regarding interested subject in real-time to every member, who needs them;
  • exchange knowledge and share the experience of all members to advantage of all
    ANESBO community;
  • encourage joint ventures and other partner relations between business owners among ANESBO members;
  • encourage and support setting of the new business ventures;
  • expand knowledge base and range of services in the best interests and advantages of ANESBO members.

Our Aim is to create the biggest database of knowledge and internet resources, all-in-one source of internet services, provide full-fledged business support.

Pavel Lenshin
P/O Box 83
Kiev 03049